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Spotlight Wiegand Family

“Fostering to adopt has felt like God using our family to save two kids. It has blessed us most of all.”

The Wiegand family fostered for about 2 ½ years before adopting through Southern Christian Services. We asked the Wiegand family why more foster parents are needed, and they responded by saying, “there are so many children and teens growing up in the foster care system. Kids desperately need to feel they are loved and have a place they belong to, and foster parents play that role.”

Through this process, there has been good times and challenging times. We asked the Wiegand’s family, what’s the best part of the journey through fostering? The family states, “the best part of fostering/adoption has been watching the kids heal and blend into our family. They have grown into strong, healthy young people on a path filled with family, love and life.”

There has also been challenging times indeed for the Wiegand family. They said, “the beginning of the journey, when the kids are hurting and everything is so new, that was a difficult time. Learning how to blend and interact in the most constructive way. It was very difficult but was also the most rewarding thing we have ever been a part of.”

If you could give advice to someone who is considering becoming a foster parent, what would you tell them? They responded by saying, “just remember when you are in a difficult place, you will not stay there. When things are tough, it will not always be that way. Who your kids are in their worst moments is not who they will always be. Growth and healing are hard, but everyone will grow and heal.”

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