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Austin's Story (PALS Transitional Program)

“I like PALS because of the hands-on assistance I received from my case worker and her supervisor. They helped me get back in school to continue my education. I feel like they really care about me and my future.”

Austin learned about the PALS Transitional Program while living in our Joe Rowland Home for Boys. Unfortunately, like most foster care experiences, Austin moved away from the Joe Rowland home and into another placement, but he always kept contact with Southern Christian staff. Austin knew he would eventually age out of the foster care system and was scared to experience homelessness. He was determined to establish a healthy support system and wanted desperately to come to PALS.

While in the PALS program, Austin worked toward completing his GED, was gainfully employed, and expressed a desire to serve in the military. Austin reconnected with supportive family, secured his own housing, maintained employment, and is studying for the ASVAB. Austin is working to achieve all his personal goals. He enjoys working out at the gym, watching movies, singing, being with his friends, and everything about motorcycles.

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