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Therapeutic Foster Care is a community-based approach to caring for children and adolescents with emotional and/or behavioral problems in the least restrictive environment.


Therapeutic Foster Care seeks to combine elements of residential treatment and the foster family environment into a model of foster family-based treatment.


This program utilizes a "team" approach to treatment and care in which therapeutic foster parents are viewed as professionals and are direct agents of treatment. The "team" will include the child, the foster family, the Therapeutic Foster Care Specialist, the therapist, social worker, and birth family, when appropriate.


Basic Requirements of Therapeutic Foster Parents:

  • Between the ages of 21-65

  • Single or married persons

  • Income above poverty level

  • Residents of Mississippi

  • Adequate space for child

  • Successful completion of application, background checks, fingerprinting, etc.

  • Approved home study

  • Good physical health

  • Completion of PATH training CPR/First Aid and ongoing training when a child is placed in the home.


The function of foster parents is not to replace the child's biological parents, rather to act as parental figures, role models, and primary care givers for the child.


Children considered for placement:

  • Between the ages of birth and 18

  • Have special needs that cannot be met in a regular foster home

  • Referred by Mississippi Dept. of Human Services

  • Children who have physical handicaps, serious emotional/behavioral problems & specialized diagnoses.


What Kind of Support do Foster Parents Receive?

  • Per day reimbursement for the cost of having a therapeutic foster child in the home

  • Monthly support group meetings

  • Access to qualified Mental Health Therapist

  • 24 hour support from staff

  • Medicaid coverage for Medical Care

  • Training

  • Respite



For more information contact the following locations:



Mary Beth Burdick, LMSW

TFC Director-South



Kelsey Neely, LMSW

Division Director of TFC



Wonda Jones, LSW, MSW

TFC Director-North


Upcoming Path Training Classes:

Central Location (Metro Jackson Area)

April 21- 22 (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

May 19-20 (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

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