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LOOKING FOR WAYS TO GIVE BACK? PALS is looking for individuals like you to HELP fill these empty boxes with our "Kitchen in a Box" initiative. 



  • Sets of 4 ceramic/ Stoneware/ porcelain dinnerware  

  • Sets of 4 ceramic coffee cups 

  • Sets of 4 clear plastic tumbler drinking glasses 

  • Sets of silverware 

  • A set of cutting knives 

  • Plastic cutting board 

  • Set of stirring spoons and cooking utensils 

  • 1 plastic colander 

  • oven mittens 

  • 1 Set of dish clothes 

  • Can opener 

  • Set of 4 pots and pans with tops 

  • Ziploc bags different measures 

  • Plastic containers different sizes 

  • Measuring cups and spoons 

  • Plastic jar 

  • Toaster oven 

  • Broom and dust pam 

  • Scrubbing pads for dishes 

  • Bathroom cleaning supplies 

  • Dish detergent 

  • Paper towels 

  • Scissors 

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