The purpose of this program is to strengthen and support Mississippi adoptive and foster families and to ensure the safety, permanency, and well-being of the children and youth placed in their care.  No adoption from foster care can exist without a history of grief or abuse.  If the child's history of trauma and associated behaviors becomes unmanageable, our post-adoption team is here to help.  

The Mission of Adoption Permanency Division is to provide adoptive families with information and skills so that the child or children remain in the home without hospitalization or an adoption disruption. 


Adoption Permanency Division is here to support you with:

  • Case Management – assessment to determine your family’s needs & support in meeting those needs

  • Crisis Stabilization – in times of crisis with your adoptive child (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

  • Information & Referral – to provide information and referrals to adoption competent services as well as follow-up services

  • Advocacy – to advocate for you and your adopted child

  • Respite Services – planned break for resource/adoptive parents who are parenting children who have special needs and behavioral challenges

  • Short-term Groups – for training and information for those individuals waiting to adopt

  • Therapy - to support children and families in long-term healing for those who are waiting to adopt (Jackson Location or through Telehealth)

  • International adoption - now providing additional services to include families who have adopted through international adoption 


Crisis, Referrals, Advocacy, or Support

For more information please contact one of the following closest to your area:


Valerie McClellan, LCSW-S, ACSW

Division Director of Adoption Permanency Division

4735 Old Canton Road, Suite 111

Jackson, Mississippi 39211

Office:  601.354.0983, Ext. 240

Teresa Williams, LSW

Senior Permanency Specialist

4735 Old Canton Road, Suite 111

Jackson, Mississippi 39211

Office:  601.354.0983, Ext. 243


11975 Seaway Road, Suite B300

Gulfport, Mississippi 39503

Office:  228.896.1128


Marlon Thomas, BS

Senior Permanency Specialist

2610 Traceland Dr. Suite B

Tupelo, Mississippi 38801

Office:  662.680.9191

Respite Services

For more information about receiving respite services click HERE!

For more information about being a respite provider please click HERE!


Contact the following:

Molly Hendren, BSW

Respite Coordinator/Permanency Specialist (MS West)

4735 Old Canton Road, Suite 111​

Jackson, Mississippi 39211

Office:  601.354.0983, Ext. 232



"My husband Quincy is such a great father. Our children are very important to us. After tirelessly working 12 hour shifts each day, he still makes time each day to spend with our children. He is not only their hero but mine too! Adoption has definitely completed our family. We are so blessed to be the parents of two beautiful children."

Mrs. Virginia Pitts tribute to her hero husband, Quincy.