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Educational and Peer Support Group

Adoption-related, family-focused training and support for prospective and current adoptive parents utilizing local professionals with expertise and resources in adoption and childhood trauma. The information reviewed and discussed is retrieved from evidence-based research and therapeutic modalities such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TFCB-T).

Location: 11975 Seaway Rd. Suite B300 Gulfport, MS 39503

(In person only)

Time: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Class Dates/Topics:

8/16 – Essential Elements of Trauma-Informed-Parenting

9/13 – Parenting to Prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences

10/18 – Child Traumatic Stress and its Impacts on Development

11/15 – Nurturing Resilience

12/13 – Discipline & Behaviors with 1-2-3 Magic

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Location: 4735 Old Canton Road, Suite 111, Jackson, MS 39211

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Time: 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM

Class Dates/Topic:

8/14 - (In person) Life books for foster and adopted youth prior to and after adoption

9/25 - (In person/zoom) Peer support and wrap around services. What do they include? 

10/23 - (In person/zoom) Risk and Protective Factors of Adoption 

11/27 - (In person/zoom) Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention

12/11 - (In person/zoom) Building Adoption Competency 

1/22 - (In person/zoom) Core Issues in Adoption and Permanency

2/26 - (In person/zoom) What is Trauma? How does it affect foster and/or adopted youth? What can you do to decrease additional trauma?

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Location: 2610 Traceland Dr. Suite B, Tupelo, MS 38802

(In person only)

Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Class Dates/Topics:

8/26 - Parenting and back to school stressors

9/30– Children's exposure to violence

10/28 – Parenting styles and discipline

11/18 – Children and electronic media

12/16 - Child development and understanding a child's behavior

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To register for all in person classes, please fill out the information below. An email will be sent to you for additional information. 

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