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Spotlight Bottom Line for Kids Auction Art

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

"Humble in Heart" art by Ann Seale is a 30x40 Oil on Canvas.

Ann Seale is a seasoned painter from Jackson, Mississippi. She has been exhibiting her work professionally in galleries since 2007. Ann exhibited her work, a portrait of an artist colleague and friend, Rosalind (Roz) Roy, in the “Artists by Artists” exhibition at the Mississippi Museum of Art in 2012.

Ann earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees in art from the University of Mississippi. She also studied independently with artist David A. Leffel, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Art Students League of New York.

Ann states, "I give all credit to God for blessing me with artistic ability. It is my desire to give back and help within my community as well as where I am asked and able to participate. I have loved to paint, draw, and create from an early age, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to do this for a living."

"Rockstar" abstract art by Lee Clark Malouf is a 8x11 acrylic painting with a white frame.

Lee is a native Mississippian with deep roots in her hometown of Yazoo City. Having worked in various genres, she is now focused on abstract expressionism, which provides her the freedom to experience her palette more fully. Lee has been influenced by postimpressionists, particularly Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse and Cezanne, and by abstract expressionists particularly works by Lee Krasner, de Kooning, Twombly and, more recently, Marie Hull and Andrew Bucci.

Lee finds great joy in interpreting thoughts, feelings and imaginations in a concentrated area and by becoming totally immersed in the beauty of what she is creating.

She stated, “I enjoy starting with an emotion, thought or vibrancy of a particular color. There is a certain excitement in not knowing a distinct path, but rather in taking a journey and letting the canvas suggest the way. I find creative power in abstract expressionism to be a link with the soul.”

"Herd" abstract art by Charlotte Seifert is a 13x15 painting framed.

The Fort Worth based artist has been making art for most of her life. Charlotte Seifert was trained at SMU where she earned her BFA and MFA in painting. Her first art instructor was Roger Winter who was teaching a high school class at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Charlotte's work is largely abstract with landscape/nature elements incorporated into the paintings. Her inspiration comes from themes in literature, theology and personal history. Evoking an emotion or sense of place is Charlotte's focus rather than depicting a specific setting or rendering a certain object. Nature has become for her a metaphor for the current of constant change in life and love.

Her work has been exhibited in juried shows, one-woman shows and groups exhibitions. Charlotte has been teaching art for many years through private instruction as well as at private a private classical school.

"A Single Prayer" art by Payton Trim is an 18x24 watercolor painting with silver frame.

"Thank you for giving me the honor of being a small part of your organization's incredible cause.

Children are the light of our future. But they are our responsibility to guide, direct, nurture and love today.

I thank you all for what you are doing to help ensure their light does not fade." Payton Trim

"Angel Paths" art by Kim Besselievre is an 18x24 watercolor art with frame.

Kim has been a student of Bob Tompkins for over 8 years. She has taken many workshop over the years with artists to include Stephanie Birdsall, Alison Chambers and Nancy Madison.

She currently has paintings in the Jackson Street Gallery.

"Antique Carpet, Copper & Sunflowers" is an 8x10 oil on panel with frame.

Tammy Oliver Cook is a native Mississippian. Her passion for oil painting began almost three decades ago.

Oil Painters with whom she has studied are Bob Tompkins, Jeff Legg, Lucy Mazzaferro, Gregg Kruetz, Stephanie Birdsall, Roger Dale Brown, Jason Sacran, Richard Kelso and Sammy Britt.

She is a member of the Mississippi Plein Air Painters, Associate member of the Oil Painters’ of America, She formerly served on the board of Directors of the Mississippi Oil Painters’ Association 2015-2020.

Her oil paintings have been selected to hang in the MS Museum of Art (2013) and The Fondren Cedars (2016, 2018) annual juried competitions.

Tammy’s works can be viewed in the Guild Gallery of Sugar Magnolia, Gallery Oxford , MS and Jackson Street Gallery, Ridgeland, MS as well as on her webpage,

Tammy captures contrasts in her still life and landscapes with light and shadow, color and texture. She pulls the viewer’s eye along her chosen path, evoking a sense of drama and excitement.

"Evening Stroll" art by Gay Simpson is an 8x10 oil on canvas framed.

Gay resides in Madison and has been well known as a painter in the metro areas for years. Many associate Gay with the street scenes that she paints so well. Her work is spontaneous and impressionistic, allowing the viewer to feel a part of her pieces.

"Golden Birch" art is by Jill Strickland. This mixed media art is a 30x40 on canvas.

Jill is a native of the Metro Jackson area and loves mixed media art. You can find a lot of her pieces at the Madison Market Place.

She also designs abstract art pieces for college dorm rooms all over the state. Looking forward to bidding on her collection in a few weeks.

"Horn Island Dunes" art by Susan Wellington. This is a 20x16 oil on linen painting with frame.

Born in Sasebo, Japan, but a lifelong Mississippi resident, Susan received a BS degree in Education with a concentration in art from Mississippi College. Following graduation Susan taught high school art for a number of years before putting her artistic aspirations on hold to raise a family. Since then she has been able to follow her passion for fine art as an artist, dedicated learner, and educator.

Susan has traveled extensively, both in the United States and abroad. Scenes from her travels and her native Mississippi provide abundant inspiration and subject material. A devotee’ of painting en plein air and from life, Susan believes it to be essential in “learning to see” as an artist. Whether working in studio or on location, she credits plein air work for the freshness and authenticity evident in her work today. When painting, Susan seeks the essence of the subject, recognizing that her emotional response is key to the piece, both for the artist and, ultimately, for the viewer. She believes art can be a pathway to feelings and memories.

Over the course of her career Susan has had the great fortune to study under the direction of master artists such as Roger Dale Brown, Stephanie Birdsall, Joe Anna Arnett, and Bob Tompkins. She admires and enjoys studying the art of two iconic American landscape painters - Edgar Payne and John Carlson. Susan’s commitment to learning has helped her evolve and hone her skills as a painter in watercolor, pastel, and oil. As an educator, Susan shares her knowledge and experience with students via private lessons, workshops, and demonstrations.

"Nighttime Mingle" art by Paul Edelstein is an 11x14 oil on canvas with frame.

Paul Edelstein is known for Abstract figurative genre painting, teaching, murals, illustration. Paul Edelstein is one of the Mid-South's better-known artists.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1959, Edelstein was raised in Memphis, Tennessee, where he resides today. Edelstein began painting during his early teens.

"Old Town" art by David Waldrip is a 28x25 1/2 framed transparent watercolor painting.

A lifelong Jackson resident with a keen interest in architecture and history, David Waldrip finds watercolor to be the perfect medium to reflect a sense of perfection.

"Pretty in Pink" art by Kathy Ward is an 8x11 oil on canvas with gold frame.

Kathy was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She graduated from the University of Mississippi with a B.A. in Interior Design. She always dreamed of taking art lessons. In 2008, she decided to leave her teaching career and pursue her journey of learning all she could about art. Kathy decided to focus on oils where Bob Tompkins has been her primary mentor. She has attended numerous workshops given by Joe Anna Arnette of New Mexico, Shanna Kunz Hernandez of Utah, Elizabeth Robbins of Utah, Roger Dale Brown of Tennessee, Jeff Leggier of Arkansas, and Susan Patton of Mississippi. Kathy has her work in several galleries and is a member of the Mississippi Oil Painters Association. She is also a member of the Mississippi Art Guild.

"Ready to Pick" art by Victoria Ramsay is a 9x12 oil painting on linen framed.

"I returned to my native Mississippi by way of Texas and Europe. My medium is oil and my style is representational and forever developing. I spent two decades as a professional ballerina performing soloist roles throughout Europe and the United States. My worldly experiences, mentors, and peers have greatly influenced my understanding of movement and creativity in painting. My love of interesting people, nature, travel, local farmers markets and historical places gives me plenty of inspiration for my paintings. The ballerina in me knew that the discipline of my past and studying the old masters and contemporary artists would mold me as an artist. Like these masters, I mostly paint my landscapes and still life from life which allows me to keep an intimate and fresher approach to my paintings that gives them that personal touch. My mentor and teacher, Santa Fe artist Joe Anna Arnett, and first teacher Mississippi artist Bob Tompkins have been a crucial part of my development. I am a signature member of the Plein Air Artists of Mississippi, co-founder of Plein Air South America, a member of the Mississippi Artist’s Guild, Mississippi Oil Painters Association and the Women Painters of the Southeast. My paintings can be seen on a few better walls here and there! " Victoria Ramsay

"The Old Crockery Jug" art by Bob Tompkins is a 9x12 oil on canvas painting with gold frame.

Bob Tompkins was born in Greenville, Mississippi in 1943. He attended Delta State University and became a serious student of art, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education, followed by a Masters Degree in Art Education from Delta State University as well. In 1966 Tompkins completed his first year as an art teacher in the public schools of Jacksonville, Florida. While in Florida, he began to study under the skilled instruction of artists Courtney Hunte and Cleve Miller.

Tompkins returned to the Mississippi Delta to teach art at Greenville High School. During the summers of 1971 and 1973, he traveled to Madison, Connecticut, to study with the great American painter Robert Brackman. Tompkins patterned his style of painting after the Old Masters of the Baroque period by playing light against dark. “Few things excite me more than the contrasting of light and dark.”

Besides his still-lifes, Tompkins also paints wildlife, landscapes, skyscapes and portraits. In 1973, he won the Southeastern Art Show in Panama City, Florida.

Being an avid hunter, Tompkins began to put his kills and catches into his still-lifes, and eventually he started to paint them alive in their habitats. In 1980, he won the prestigious Mississippi Duck Stamp competition. In 1988, he was again chosen to be on the stamp-print series. In 1983, he was selected to be on the first Mississippi Wildlife Federation stamp-print series.

"Town of Oxford" art by Darryl Anderson is an 18x24 double matted and framed.

Local artist Darryl Anderson says this about himself and his art work "My paintings are vibrant but not exact. I gather information from field painting, capturing the colors of my chosen subject. I often use a camera, then combine my emotional responses to life." Darryl paints a wide variety of subjects..many of his paintings are of places you've most definitely seen..downtown Oxford, the Grove, the Delta, downtown scenes from cities on the Gulf Coast, Hazlehurst and many areas in our lovely downtown Jackson area. Darryl also captures human beauty in portraits.

"Roses and Red" art by Alex Elms is a 11x14 oil on linen with gold frame.

Best known for floral still life and figurative paintings.

The signature is on the back.

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