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SCS's First Aid/CPR Training

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Southern Christian Services offers First Aid/CPR training to all their employees and adoptive/foster parents through the Red Cross Authorized Service Provider training program. 90% of the Red Cross Workforce are volunteers. The American Red Cross provides relief and support to those in crisis, to help be prepared to respond to emergencies.

Jill Brown, the Division Director of TFC/Adoption for SCS states, “Having CPR and First Aid training gives you the confidence in knowing that if your child needed you, you would be able to intervene and not have to rely on someone else.”

Being trained in First Aid/CPR, allows Southern Christian Services the opportunity to help keep our children and families safe.

Teresa Williams, Senior Permanency Specialist for SCS says, “As a First Aid/CPR Instructor, I feel that anyone who deals with children should know how and when to do CPR and/or administer first aid. Adoptive/ foster parents having the knowledge of CPR and how to do it correctly can make the difference in saving a person's life and it is a requirement for both foster parents and staff. First Aid/CPR is a lifesaving action used in emergencies when someone isn't breathing, or their heart is not beating, or someone is badly hurt or bleeding. When dealing with children, emergencies can happen often, so we love teaching something that can very well save a life.” #RedCross #SCSCY

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