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Finding your place in the world as an adult.

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

When Shanita contacted the P.A.L.S program, she had recently aged out of Mississippi’s foster care system and was homeless.She was employed but had no safe place to sleep at night after leaving work.

While in P.A.L.S., Shanita received support and financial literacy education. She learned to budget and how to save money. She also received therapeutic services to meet her mental health needs along with support and assistance in maintaining employment. In the past year, Shanita’s held both full-time and part-time employment to meet her financial goals. She’s successfully overcome a few legal issues and is living independently.

Shanita recently searched for her own housing, prepared herself financially, saved her income, and managed to move into her own place. More importantly, Shanita achieved her overall goal of living independently after foster care.

Her next goal is to return to college and obtain a degree allowing her to work in Physical Therapy. Through the P.A.L.S program she found stability and purpose. We are honored to have been a part of Shanita’s story. She has blessed us far more than we could ever express and we’re very proud of the young women she’s become.

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