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Employee Spotlight-Nancy Brewer

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Meet Nancy Brewer, SCSCY Office Manager and Financial Support. Nancy is originally from Charleston, Mississippi. She came to Southern Christian Services for Children and Youth, Inc. in 2008 and worked many different roles throughout the years. Currently, Nancy oversees the day to day office responsibilities but is always there to lend a helping hand when needed.

Nancy’s family moved to Hazlehurst in 1954 when her father became a Highway Patrolman in Hazlehurst. She later moved to Port Gibson in 1958 and finally ended up in Clinton in 1963 where she graduated college. Nancy went to Hinds Community College and majored in Secretarial Science and minored in Accounting. Nancy has four grandchildren, Lexy (13), Tessa (7), Lily (3) and Tatum (3). She loves playing with her grandchildren.

Nancy enjoys reading mysteries books about vampires and mystical creatures, watching Hallmark Channel during the holidays, and watching law enforcement and supernatural movies.

If you ask Nancy, why do you love working at SCSCY, she would say, “I worked for Mississippi Children's Home and loved what their agency was about. When I had the chance to come into working for a nonprofit again, I applied to Southern Christian Services. I love that we help youth and children find their forever home and learn to make a better life for themselves. Seeing the expressions on our children's and family's faces when they're matched together for fostering/ adoption brings so much joy to my heart. Knowing that the homeless youth are getting the help that they need to be productive adults and make something of themselves is so fulfilling.”

Nancy’s favorite part about Southern Christian Services is the feeling of family. She states, “I’m a wife, mother, grandmother and a person who is there if you need a friend or an ear to talk to.”

Southern Christian Services is honored to have Nancy as part of the team and thankful for all that she does each and every day!

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