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Employee Spotlight-Anne Nytes

Meet Anne Nytes. Anne is the Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Counselor. She meets with children and provides counseling and teaching resiliency. Anne attended Pearl High School and graduated from Blue Mountain College in Northern Mississippi. She currently lives in Learned, Mississippi.

After graduating from College, Anne lived in Tambov, Russia for two years and taught English. She later got married and moved to Bali, Indonesia for over nine years teaching English, began an after-school program for children, and adopted three of her six children. She later moved to Chiangmai, Thailand where she lived for almost two years.

Anne continued her studies and graduated from Liberty University with a master’s degree in Professional Counseling. Anne states, “My husband joined the military, so I left Thailand and moved to Mississippi for two years, Alaska for three years, Fort Campbell for three years, and Germany for two years.”

Anne continues to say, “I love to snorkel for fun but have not had an opportunity in years. I also love hiking and visiting friends and collogues over coffee.” Anne is a wife and mother of six and is working towards her PH. D in Counseling Education and Supervision.

Anne’s favorite quote/song lyric is, the sun will come out tomorrow. She says, "no matter how hard today may have been, tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start."

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