Due to the overwhelming response for our upcoming Parent Education "Parent Strong Prevention Program" webinar on Wednesday, June 3 beginning 2:00 PM through 3:00 PM, there will be certain applicants put on our waiting list for the second webinar session on Wednesday, July 22. Thank you all for your interest. We ask that you please click on the below survey to see if you qualify for the Parent Education "Parent Strong Prevention Program" webinar. Our next Parent Strong Webinar will begin July, 22. Stay tune for registration information. 

Southern Christian Services for Children and Youth, Inc. Parent Strong Prevention Program is delivering 7 sessions (1-hour per session) webinar for participants needing free online parenting classes. The 7 sessions will include curriculum by Adults & Children Together (ACT) Raising Safe Kids Program that is a universal parenting program designed to promote positive parenting and prevent child maltreatment by fostering knowledge and skills that change or improve parenting practices. PARTICIPANTS WILL RECEIVE A PARENTING CERTIFICATE UPON COMPLETION OF ALL 7 SESSIONS!

The Parent Strong Webinar are for parents in the general community, parents who are court mandated, teen parents and expecting parents. The goal of our Parent Strong Prevention Services is to decrease the number of children entering into foster care. This is accomplished by educating and empowering at-risk families to create safe, stable, nurturing environments that protect children from violence and maltreatment.


Tenicka Gibson, MSW, CMHT, ACT Facilitator


Cost: Free

7 Sessions (1-hour per session)

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