For Perspective and/or Adoptive Parents

Southern Christian Services for Children and Youth, Inc. Adoption Permanency Division is delivering 7 sessions (1-hour per session) webinars for perspective and/or adoptive participants needing free online parenting classes. Participants will receive a parenting certificate upon completion of each session after completion and returning the evaluation form. 


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The purpose of this service is to support families who've adopted through Mississippi's foster care system and prevent children from re-entering the foster care system. We provide information and referrals, crisis management, family therapy, adoptive/foster parent and youth trainings, family and teen support groups and respite care services. Trained respite families offer foster and adoptive parents the opportunity for a break in times of crisis.

Upcoming Parenting Classes

For Perspective and/or Adoptive Parents

January 24, 2022, In person/Zoom

Life Books 

Prior to and after adoption, children and youth often have lingering questions about their past, their culture, where they come from, and what makes them unique. To better answer some of these questions, many adoptive families utilize life books. Life books are a tool that adoptive parents can use to help their children better understand their past and how it connects to their present situation. A life book can offer ways of tracking placement histories as well as be a tool for children to express their thoughts and feelings and share important details about their birth families. They can also provide a way for children to better understand their permanent role in their adoptive families. 

Vision Boards I and II

A vision board is usually a collage of images that represent goals and dreams. It can include cut-out pictures from magazines and words that help inspire you to manifest your dreams and get where you want to go.  We will look at doing an individual board as well as a family vision board.


February 21, 2022-In Person/ZOOM


Discipline and Parenting Style

This session helps parents understand that their parenting styles have an impact on children’s behaviors. Distinctions are also made between punishment and discipline so that parents can respond effectively.  Parenting styles and practices have an impact on children’s behaviors. Parents need to be provided with positive, science-based parenting options that will help them raise their children free of abuse.

Discipline for Positive Behaviors

Discipline for Positive Behaviors: This session teaches parents how to prevent challenging behaviors and how to use positive methods to discipline their children.


March 28, 2022-In Person/ZOOM


Understanding and Controlling Parents/Adults’ Anger and Understanding and Helping Angry Children

Anger Management for Parents session is designed to help parents learn skills to understand, control, and manage their own feelings of anger.  Understanding and Helping Angry Children session helps parents understand children’s angry feelings and how to teach them positive ways to express and control anger. It also covers helping families teach social problem-solving skills in a home environment based on an understanding of the developmental stages through which children learn social skills.


April 25, 2022- In Person/Zoom


Children and Electronic Media

This session emphasizes the relationship between time spent on screen and unhealthy behaviors, and between exposure to violent messages and images and aggressive behaviors so that adults can reduce the impact on their children.

Young Children’s Exposure to Violence

The purpose of this session is to help parents understand (1) how children can be exposed to violence and its consequences; (2) that children learn by observation and imitation; and (3) that their behavior, actions and the environment they provide teach children lessons for life.


May 16, 2022  


Holidays and Home Activities

Dos and Don’ts when foster and/or adoptive children are in your homes.  Fun Activities you can do as a family to build relationships.


June 27, 2022  


Parenting and Back to School

What are your BACK TO SCHOOL Expectations in this environment?  It is important that children understand their role and a parent’s role in a relationship.  Parents and children need to understand abuse and violence occur in the context of relationships in an environment that is not conducive to healthy relationships. It is important that caregivers understand that strong, nurturing and healthy bonding with their children create a positive foundation for the rest of their lives. Parents as Teachers, Protectors and Advocates at Home and in the Community Learning Child Development and Understanding Children’s Behavior.

It is important that Parents are knowledgeable and understand a child’s developmental stages and capabilities.  It is important that parents and caregivers understand what children are capable of understanding, feeling and doing at different ages and stages of development and its conditions.

This component focuses on helping parents understand what to expect from children at various development stages and how to use skills to guide children’s behavior based on their developmental level so that parents do not have unrealistic expectations of their children and do not resort to violence when dealing with misbehaviors.

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Teresa Williams, LSW, Certified ACT Program Facilitator


Cost: Free

7 Sessions (1-hour per session)