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SPOTLIGHT: A Father's Day Tribute to My Dad  

The children were asked to answer questions about their dad for Father's Day. Here is what they had to say.


What is so far your favorite memory with dad?

“Growing up as the oldest I felt very close to my dad. We would always play one on one games of spades and it was just kind of our thing.”



“I remember spending time with him during our mission trips when he was our youth pastor. “



“When he was a youth pastor and would let us go places with him.” -Kennedy 


“The best is when we used to go on daddy/daughter dates!”

-McKailey & Carmen


“Going to Dairy Queen was a favorite time with my dad.” -Michael


“When we played soccer together!” -Chris


“It’s the little things, like letting us pick out the cereal first.” -Courtney


When is dad funny?

“Dad is always funny!” -Kathleen


“All of the time!” -Kennedy


“When he annoys mom!” -Carmen


“When he tells jokes!” -McKailey


“When he is in a good mood.” -Michael


“When I am mad, and he tries to cheer me up!” -Chris 


What does dad like to wear?

“He is always in shorts, a graphic tee, and an unbutton flannel.” -Kaitlyn


“Sometimes my dad wears two different plaids and we like to call him two plaids.”



“My dad likes flannel shirts and jean shorts!” -Kennedy, McKailey, and Courtney


“Flannels” -Michael


“Anything that is messy! “-Chris


How does your dad make you feel special?

“When my sisters and I were little, my dad would always make us feels special, especially

on our birthdays. We would get first serve on breakfast which is rare with four girls running

around. My dad would take us out on a little date to celebrate.” -Kaitlyn


“My dad teaches me things that are important in life!” -Kathleen


“My dad always believed in me.” -Kennedy


“When he joked around with me.” -Chris


What is the best type of food dad cooks?

“We are all going to say, biscuits and gravy!” -Kaitlyn, Kennedy, Michael, Kathleen,

Carmen, and Courtney 


“Egg Waffles” -Chris 


What things does dad know the most about?

“Raising Kids” -Kathleen


“Football” -McKailey 


“Lawnmowers” Chris & Courtney


“Apple products” -Carmen 


What makes dad happy?

“My mom and being around family.” -Kaitlyn 


“When we say, Yes Sir or No Sir!” -McKailey


“Mom” -Michael & Kathleen 


“When we behave” -Chris 


If you could give your dad any gift, what would it be?

“I am not sure if you mean material things or not, but the first thing that came to my

mind was one more day with his dad.” -Kaitlyn 


“I would love to give my parents a vacation, they need it!” -Kathleen & Courtney 


“A day to spend with all of his old church family.” -Kennedy


“A lawnmower” -Michael 

“A new coffee mug” -Chris


“A break” -Carmen 

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