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After fostering the 3 autistic children for more than two years, Sheila and Jimmy Havens turned temporary into permanent. “This has been 974 days in the waiting,” new mother Sheila Havens said through tears. That’s how long the three siblings have been in foster care. 

Watch the celebration of becoming a permanent family here


"We are just ecstatic that Alexus is officially now a Lewis" said Debra beaming with a smile. Alexus was officially adopted on June 13, 2016 by the Lewis Family. Alexander Lewis let Debra do the talking during our sit down with the family, you could tell he was giddy and excited that Alexus was now apart of the family.  The Lewis family heard about Southern Christian Services from friends at church and anxiously began the process of adoption. "We can't thank Southern Christian Services enough for giving us Alexus!" said Debra Lewis.

WATCH the Lewises tell their story of adoption here.


The adoption of Seth & Caitlynn into this family has made a tremendous impact not only Carey & Kelly but also with Ashley & Kelsey.  The family had a feeling of being complete.  They were upbeat and excited to tell their story and going through SCSCY for adoption - but, their smiles in this picture sum up this family best.

WATCH the Wiegands tell their story of adoption here.


Kristi gave some of the best advice you can give when it comes to adoption and perhaps borrowed a little bit from the famous Nike Slogan as well but "Just Do It!"  You could tell this family loved children, loved people and loved life- and it is now even more complete now that they have adopted themselves.

WATCH the Whites tell their story of adoption here.

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