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Spotlight Rowland Family

The Rowland Family has fostered for over 3 years. They eventually adopted their son after 2 years and plan on adopting their teenage daughter.

We asked the Rowland Family how their family has grown through this process, Lindsey Rowland response was, “our completely unplanned fostering journeys have taken us from a moderate size family of 6, to a family of 8. Although people love to point out that we "have our hands full", it is fun to tell people that we have 6 kids and see what responses we get. Though we felt like we would be seen as the crazy people each time we were faced with these decisions, we both could strongly see and hear the Lord leading us and giving us clear directions in how He would make this work. Trusting Jesus to carry us through the hard stuff and just being obedient in what He was asking us to do. He has been faithful and grown our family in faith; just as he grew us in numbers.”

The Rowland family has a lot of wonderful and meaningful times together, they state, “the greatest part in fostering has been to see the healing and growth in the kids that we have loved unconditionally since day one of the Lord placing them onto our hearts. There are so many hard things that nobody else could understand unless you are living it, but there is so much joy to be had after the hard moments. It changes your perspective on what is important, instead of focusing on Pinterest-worthy parties or keeping up with other families and parents, we are keeping focused on relationship and emotional health and maturity of all the children and ushering them to a faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.”

There have been challenging times which is part of the process. Lyndsey states, “the most challenging part is giving your whole life and all your attention and love to these babies, but also knowing that they are not yours and they are only given to you temporarily to love and care for and to teach them the love of Jesus. It really helps you see that it is the same for your biological children; they belong to the Lord and you are just chosen to be able to raise them and love them, and teach them the love of Jesus. Trust the Lord and his plan for each of you, while having patience and letting go of control. The reason for all of this is for the kids; it is not for you to be able to adopt, though we are very blessed and so thankful that we have been given that gift. It is a reminder, that I don't need to take it all personally, because this was never about me, it is about the child.”

They continue by saying foster family’s need your support more than ever. There is a need for meals, babysitting and respite, yard work, helping with transportation, or just prayers. Lyndsey says, “knowing that our friends, family and especially our church family is involved and willing to serve and show up when we need them the most gives us comfort. The hard days are easier to work through because we know that we are seen and loved.”

If you are interested in learning more about fostering a child, please call us at 601.354.0983. Together we are creating brighter futures for our Mississippi's children.

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