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Spotlight Most Outstanding Foster Dad

Southern Christian Services Therapeutic Foster Care South would like to congratulate Mick McClantoc for Most Outstanding Foster Dad! SCSCY has some truly amazing foster parents, and we are proud of all of them and appreciate them more than words can say.

Mick has truly been amazing. Mick and Heather entered uncharted waters by taking in children with extreme special needs. Initially, they took twin girls with extreme non-verbal autism for a week to give CPS time to find them a placement. Due to a lack of space in their home, they were unable to commit to a longer time as they moved their biological daughter to the sofa for the week. This was truly the most difficult placement that we have seen. Mick was so kind and loving to these girls who were coming from a horrific place. He drove them to about an hour and a half to school every day so that they did not have to have another trauma. Mick and his family sacrificed all of their normal activities to provide loving care for these very traumatized children.

The CPS staff were in awe at the change in the girls while they were in his home. They appeared to be happy. We remembered Mick saying, “Come here beautiful girls” when a staff member dropped them off one day. Mick wrote the most beautiful description of the girls and their time in his home when they left. He was able to put a positive spin on all of their trauma responses and behaviors. After this placement, they took in a 4-year-old non-verbal, child with Cerebral Palsy, hydrocephalus for months, and a seizure disorder. He is in a wheelchair and is not potty trained. Mick immediately fell in love with this child. He burned up the roads to appointments several times a week and sometimes multiple appointments in a day to make sure that evaluations were done so that he could get all of the services he needed. This included evaluations for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and an Individualized Education Plan. He saw to it that he had medical appointments and dental appointments. He further had appointments with orthopedic specialist and neurologist. Once the evaluations were complete, he transported him to the therapy appointments. He never complained that it was a lot or that he could not do it. Mick daily demonstrates unconditional love, honesty, patience and consistency with his children. Mick, along with his family, treat the foster children who enter their home as part of the family.

Mick is flexible and can roll with the punches when needed. He has shown a willingness to work with other people in the child’s life such as birth parents and caseworkers. He has shown perseverance when things get tough. He has one of the kindest hearts! Let’s congratulate Mick for receiving the Most Outstanding Foster Dad Award!!!

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