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Risen Above Adversity through the P.A.L.S Program

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Dana has risen above adversity and found her purpose through the P.A.L.S Transitional Living Program but when she entered P.A.L.S, she was at high risk of becoming homeless. She was struggling with grief, familial stressors, and limited resources. She came to P.A.L.S seeking a stable place to call home and safe place to sleep at night.

While in the P.A.L.S program, Dana received support and financial education.She learned how to budget and save money. She received therapeutic services to address her mental health needs and received support and assistance for continuing her education.

Dana is currently looking for her own apartment and getting ready to transition out of P.A.L.S. She is consistently working and attending school. We are very proud for Dana. She’s dedicated and motivated to achieve goal for higher education. She’s a full-time graduate student pursuing a career in sports management. Through the P.A.L.S program she has found stability and a purpose in this world. She is flourishing into an emotionally healthy and stable individual that sets tangible goals and works hard to achieves them.

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