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Makyla's Inspiring Story

"You aren't what you were born into, you can be whomever you want to be. Just tap into your light. Even if no one else see's that light, it doesn't mean you can't shine," says Makyla.

Makyla came to PALS Transitional Living Program after her former social worker told her about the program. Since leaving foster care, she had very limited support and had mostly been on her own. Before Covid, she had been working, attending a community college, and living in the dorms. But when Covid shut down her campus and her classes went virtual, she found herself without a job and without a place to stay.

Makyla enjoys going to the park, watching movies, reading cartoon books, and writing. She especially loves helping young children. Makyla says, "I want to give a helping hand and a safe place for youth like myself. You shouldn't feel guilty because of the circumstances you were born into."

Since being in PALS, Makyla has been able to keep up with her studies, find work in the community, and save money. She has reached personal goals like getting her driver’s license and has in general learned how to be more independent. She will be moving back on campus now that everything is opening again. She has even saved enough money and is in the process of trying to buy her first car. By the end of the year, Makyla is on track to transfer to a four-year university where she plans on graduating with a degree in nursing.

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