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Internship Spotlight Story

Recently, Southern Christian Services has had two amazing social work interns working in our Jackson office. They are our first set of interns to have the opportunity to rotate through each of our programs, and they’re presently serving as auxiliary committee members for our Bottom Line for Kids fundraiser. As such, they have gotten a wide array of hands-on experience to assist in furthering their educational careers, such as going on home visits with staff, brokering for resources to serve our clients, and representing the agency alongside our President and CEO, Mrs. Jamie Himes.

When asked what drew each of them to the agency, both of our interns referenced strong personal connections with Southern Christian’s mission and vision. Bryanna Young, our interning senior from Mississippi State University, said, “I appreciated that the agency has a Christ-centered foundation and is accomplishing so much for the foster care youth in our community and the state, at-large. Also, I knew that, with the array of services Southern Christian offers, I would get a well-rounded experience that would help me determine the next step in my career path.”

Additionally, Mary Beth Stevens, our interning senior from Mississippi College, mentions that she appreciates being treated with equal respect by the Southern Christian staff. Mary Beth said, “I don’t feel like they treat me like an intern, but a full-time colleague. Everyone has been abundantly kind and helpful in my transition to the workforce. Also, I like how everyone is incredibly hardworking and encouraging to other team members. Everyone’s very kind and helpful. They always answer my questions, and I have a lot of them!”

We also asked each of the ladies what is one thing that the internship has allowed them to learn about themselves and here are their responses:

Mary Beth:

“One thing that I knew coming into this internship was that I loved foster care, but this internship has shown me how broken so many of our systems are. I have the opportunity as a social worker to advocate for the vulnerable populations within our broken systems.”


“This internship has affirmed my interest in macro-level advocacy and my desire to remain in the nonprofit sector. However, it’s also allowed me to focus more on the individual clients that are impacted by a larger situation, which personalizes the challenge instead of solely providing numeric data.”

Overall, each of our interns have reported having a great time during their time with us and appreciated the diversity of their learning experiences. It has been a joy seeing the amazing work that these young ladies are accomplishing so early in their careers. We wish them both the best as they each continue into graduate schools in the fall!

Article and photos created by Bryanna Young, Intern for Southern Christian Services Children and Youth, Inc.

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