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Hands of Providence Recipient Mary Helen Bowen

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

This year's 2022 "Hands of Providence" recipient goes to Mary Helen Bowen. Mary Helen is a pharmacist by profession. She has spent her career with St. Dominic Hospital. She began working at St. Dominic's in 1972 as a staff pharmacist and in 1981, was promoted as the Director of Pharmacy. Mary Helen served in this role until she retired from St. Dominic's in October 2016. Mary Helen served as president of The Mississippi Pharmacists Association and The Mississippi Society of Health-System Pharmacists. She was honored to be selected as “Preceptor of the Year” twice by her peers at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy.

When Mary Helen’s son was a Tiger Cub and Cub Scout, she served as the Den Leader for over 5 years and for Den 5 which was associated with First Presbyterian Day School. She is extremely proud of this group of boys, most of whom stayed in the Boy Scout program and achieved the highest rank of Eagle Scout. She also taught 5-year-old Sunday School at Galloway United Methodist Church for several years, chaired Mission-Fest, and worked with fund-raising for Galloway Youth Group.

Mary Helen has served on many non-profit boards such as GIVS (Goodwill Industries Volunteer Services), Goodwill, Mississippi Chorus, IBC, Friends of the IBC, and Ballet Mississippi. She served as a chairman of Goodwill, GIVS, Ballet Mississippi, Friends of IBC, and Mississippi Chorus Boards. She also chaired the Goodwill Salute event (this is an annual GIVS fund-raiser) and honored at the Goodwill Salute.

Mary Helen has been affiliated with Goodwill in many capacities for over 20 years and she admires the results of people from our community receiving opportunities to better themselves. Goodwill as you know offers training and employment opportunities to disadvantaged individuals in our community. Mary Helen continues to work with Goodwill on strategic planning and establishment of the Goodwill Ambassador program.

Mary Helen was a volunteer coordinator for the International Ballet during the 2014 and 2018 competitions. The community really comes together with hundreds of volunteers who make this event special for the competitors and the attendees from all over the world. Mary Helen is very proud of the arts and continues to promote and volunteer for the Ballet Mississippi.

Mary Helen served as president of Gallery Guild (Mississippi Museum of Art) and St. Dominic Hospital Auxiliary. She is currently a member of Pleiades Club (an association of individuals to further their mutual interest in and appreciation of literature, music, arts, and crafts) and served a term as president of the Pleiades Club. She is a member of Meh Lady and Panache Cooking Group.

When Mary Helen is not volunteering her time in the community she is reading, cooking, and gardening. Mary Helen and her husband Bo enjoy traveling, going to art galleries, and collecting art by Mississippi artists. Mary Helen and her husband Bo have one son, Michael who is a chef on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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