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Employee Spotlight-Noreen Davidson

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Meet Noreen Davidson, our Division Director of Residential Services. Noreen is a Licensed Professional Counselor and brings more than 15 years of clinical experience and crisis management to the administration team. As the Division Director of Residential Services, she's responsible for ensuring ethical practices, licensing standard compliance, professional supervision, and evidence-based practice implementation in all residential programs. Noreen also works with homeless youth in becoming more self-sufficient and contributing members of society through the Preparing Adolescents to Live Successfully (PALS) program.

Noreen has a passion for what she does and it shows by the amount of time and effort she gives to all her clients. Noreen explains, “Working with homeless youth has been a blessing in many ways. It has challenged me to be open minded, to be more empathetic to their needs and challenges, and to be willing to view the world from their perspective, not my own. It has heightened my awareness to the things so many of us take for granted and how stability in a person’s life grants an easier path to get ones needs met. It's provided me a greater understanding of how untreated trauma paired with instability can greatly impact a person’s life with long-term effects. It has been very rewarding to be able to participate in their lives; to be that person they can rely on and receive comfort and guidance from. It’s been a blessing providing them with a stable and loving environment in which they can thrive. These young adults have value. They have blessed and greatly impacted my life.”

Noreen feels blessed to be a part of Southern Christian Services for Children and Youth, Inc. and SCSCY is blessed to have Noreen as a team member.

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