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Employee Spotlight LaRhonda Glass

Meet LaRhonda Glass! LaRhonda is originally from Bruce, Mississippi and currently resides in Tupelo, Mississippi. She is our Family Specialist for the Tupelo office.

As the Family Specialist, LaRhonda assists with recruiting prospective adoptive foster families that are interested in providing a safe place for children and youth, providing support to the children and families that we serve, conducting home studies and trainings for our families, and preparing information for children in order to find a suitable home. LaRhonda states, “I give my all to ensure every child we serve is blessed with a forever home if possible.”

When LaRhonda is not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially with her 11-month-old granddaughter, Harmoni. She is a certified life coach and volunteers at a women’s rehabilitation facility on the weekends where she does life coaching classes. LaRhonda has a podcast entitled “Dinner and Dialogue” where she speaks about relationships and other issues that impact individuals. She enjoys reading and writing. She developed a journal called, “The Journey Along the Way, Becoming Authentically Me.” LaRhonda states, “The purpose of the journal was to encourage others that it’s possible to turn losses into lessons and you can overcome trauma and find purpose. I have a heart for serving others.”

LaRhonda’s favorite quote is, “The Power of ONE! The power of one person is strong enough to change the world…unity begins with you!

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