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Meet the Adoption Permanency Team!

MEET THE ADOPTION PERMANENCY DIVISION TEAM! Southern Christian Services for Children and Youth, Inc.’s Adoption Permanency Division staff is involved in prevention activities with the prospective adoptive family before the adoption is final. Our staff has linkages to offer services to families that are either fostering to adopt, or are applying to adopt a specific child.

(Marlon Thomas, Teresa Williams, Valerie McClellan (APD Director), Molly Hendren, Joy Pickering, and Myia Lane)

The Adoption Permanency staff will provide intensive support to adoptive families that are in crisis. This support will be available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. On call staff will be provided for the convenience of the adoptive family. We will provide adoptive families referrals to adoption-competent therapeutic counseling services for families encountering significant challenges. Adoptive families will be referred to services that can support, and help them during crisis situations and they will know how to access these services.

Along with this support, Adoption Permanency staff will advocate for the families to obtain services, and for any other issues that might be needed. The Adoption Permanency staff will walk with the adoptive parents through the crisis and obtaining whatever services that will benefit the family. To find an APD staff member in your area, visit our website

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