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Bottom Line for Kids Benefit Feature Artist Darryl Anderson

Southern Christian’s 34th Annual Bottom Line for Kids Benefit Dinner and Auction features artist, Darryl Anderson. Darryl was originally from Los Angeles, California. His parents divorced at a young age and his father returned to Mississippi since his family’s roots had been from Bolton, Mississippi. Darryl went back and forth between parents, but eventually ended up in Jackson, Mississippi and graduated from Provine High School.

Darryl was sketching at his desk while working as a switchboard operator at the Hinds County Detention Center, when Sheriff Malcolm McMillin noticed his raw talent and gave him a watercolor set just to “try something new”. A friend of Darryl’s gave him a book by artist Wyatt Waters, and he loved his unique style. Sheriff McMillin soon contacted Wyatt Waters who was currently teaching Adult Enrichment Classes at Millsaps and asked if there was a spot for Darryl. The morning classes were filled with local ladies, mostly housewives that took him under their wings like “mother hens.”

Wyatt Waters believes Darryl was motivated to find a passion for art and pursue his dream. Darryl says,

“If you’re an artist, just paint, just do it! Don’t worry about what other people think.”

Falling in love with scenes of the South as a child, Darryl has translated those scenes with watercolor hues and a brush. He travels all throughout the

south with a vagabond approach to each of his paintings.

D. Anderson Gallery is located at 127 Gallatin Street in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. This is where he displays his wonderful art. For more information about his art please contact the gallery at (601) 540-6375. Make sure you check out Darryl Anderson at this year’s Bottom Line for Kids Benefit on Friday, August 26, 2022, at the Sheraton Flowood Refuge Hotel.

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