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Respite Care

The Respite Program is a component of the Partners in Permanency post-adoption program of Southern Christian Services for Children and Youth, Inc.  Respite care is designed to help keep families intact and to prevent disruptions.

Respite is a temporary break, a rest or brief relief for a parent or care-giver of a child with special needs from the on-going day to day responsibilities and care giving.

Respite is a parent based model utilizing foster and adoptive parents from across the state, who have been recruited and trained.  Respite is usually a planned service; however, it can be utilized for families in crisis.

Who can receive respite care?
• Children with special needs
• Children who are in foster care
• Children who have been adopted
• Children with physical challenges
• Children with behavioral and/or emotional disorders

How do I become a respite provider?
• Complete and application
• Complete Child Abuse Registry Checks and fingerprints
• Have adequate space for a child
• Valid Mississippi driver's license
• CPR/First Aid Certification
• Complete Respite Provider Training

What support services do respite providers receive?
• Twenty-four hour support from respite staff
• Access to a team of professionals
• Detailed information about the child for whom respite is being provided
• Training
• Support group meetings
• Financial stipend


For additional information contact

Molly Hendren, Respite Coordinator

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)