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Southern Christian Services for Children and Youth, Inc's Adoption Program offers a service whereby children with special needs, will be placed in permanent homes through adoption.

Mission Statement

"In response to the love of Christ, Southern Christian Services for Children and Youth, Inc., serves and equips vulnerable children and youth, assisting them in the process of becoming self-sufficient and contributing members of society."

This mission is accomplished in the adoption program through the premise that every child has the inherent right to the security and stability of a permanent home. For those children who cannot be raised by their biological families, permanent ties to new families must be established. Services will be provided to both the adoptive parents and the child to establish their new, more permanent relationship.

Through this strategic approach, a permanent home will be the result for a number of children "caught" in the "foster care drift." Families will be recruited and trained to handle the problems the children bring to their home as a result of the abuse/neglect they have suffered in the past. Support and post-adoption services for the children and families are of vital importance in sustaining this permanent family.

The Adoption Program includes five components:

  • Recruitment of adoption resource families
  • Specialized training of potential adoptive families
  • Placement of children
  • Support of adoptive families
  • Post adoption services to adoptive families  
    Adoption Requirements
    • Between ages 21-65
    • Single or married persons
    • Income above poverty level
    • Successful completion of adoption application, background checks, home study, etc.
    • Medical examination
    • Completion of training and interview