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Parenting Issues

The voyage to Adoption Begins with Me (life book)

Owner’s Manual: Kids Kit (life book)

“The Answer is NO” Saying it and sticking to it
Cynthia Whitman MSW

What to do When You’re Scared & Worried
James J. Crist PhD

Changing Children’s Behavior by changing the people, places, and activities in their lives
Richard Munger PhD

From Chaos to Freedom Part 1
Marsha Linehan PhD- Video

From Chaos to Freedom Part 2
Marsha Linehan PhD- Video

Think Good – Feel Good
Paul Stallard

A Clinician’s Guide to Think Good- Feel Good
Paul Stallard

Swings Hanging from Every Tree: Daily Inspirations for Foster and Adoptive Parents
Susan Stone

“Mom, Jason’s Breathing on ME!” The Solution to Sibling Bickering
Anthony E. Wolf

From Defiance to Cooperation
John F. Taylor

The Angry Child
Tim Murphy PhD

Adolescents with Anger Problems
Tom Carr

Parenting Under Stress
David Mathews
Linda Matter
Mary Montgomery

All Feelings are OK: A Play and Read Book
Lawrence Shapiro

Coping with Bed Wetting VIDEO

Orchards Children’s Services

Eating Disorders VIDEO

Orchards Children’s Services

Active Parenting (Video)       

Active Parenting Now –Children 5-12

Anger –Control Activities (Loose Sheets) Secondary Students
Ken Smith
Arden Martenz

Anger Control Activities (Loose sheets) Elementary Students
Arden Martenz

What If… (Loose Sheets) Elementary
Bruce McGlothlin

What If  (loose sheets) Middle school
Bruce McGlothilin

Common Sense Parenting with CD
Ray Burke
Linda Schuchmann

Aggression Replacement Training (A Comprehensive Intervention for Aggressive Youth)
Arnold Goldstein
Barry Glick

Angry Kids
Dr. Richard L. Berry
Understanding and Managing the Emotions That control Them.

The Angry Child
Kim J. Masters, M.D.
Sleeping giant or Paper Tiger?

The Anger Control Workbook
Berthold Berg, Ph.D.
Exercises to Develop Anger control Skills.

“The Answer is NO”
Cynthia Whitham, MSW
This book tackles twenty-six situations that plague parents of 2 to 12-year-olds.

“Because I Said So!”
John Rosemond
366 Insightful and Thought-Provoking Reflections on Parenting and Family Life.

Challenging Child
Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D.
Understanding, Raising, and enjoying the five “difficult” types of children.

Bring up Boys
Dr. James Dobson
Practical advice and encouragement for those shaping the next generation of men

Bring Up Kids Without Tearing Them Down
Dr. Kevin Leman
One of the Most Subtle, and ultimately most important, lifelong gifts parents can impart to their children is a positive self-image.

Building Self-Esteem in Your Child
Susan Baile, Ph.D.
How to give you child a healthy foundation for life.  

Jim Fay
Charles Fay, Ph.D.
Love and Logic  Magic for early Childhood Practical Parenting from Birth to Six Years.

Childhood Lying, Stealing & Cheating
Foster W. Cline  M.D.
1 Audiocassette Practical solutions to guide children toward honesty and integrity.

Circle of Love
Donna L. Friess, Ph.D.
A guide to effective communication skills.  Secrets to improving your relationships

A Doctor talks to 9-to-12 Year-Olds
Caroline E. Weiss
Arlene S. Uslander
A little of their time with this book can really help smooth out the rough spots.

Don’t Be Difficult
Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D.
Hennie M. Shore
A workbook to help children consider the consequences of both positive and negative choices.

Going To School
Sharon L. Ramey, Ph.D.
Craig T. Ramey, Ph.D.
How to Help Your Child Succeed.

Go To Your Room!
Shari Steelsmith
A book that tells you why many consequences don’t work and how to start selecting ones that will actually change your child’s behavior.

God’s Good Gift
Mary Ann Mayo
Teaching your Kids about Sex - Ages 8 to 11

Growing Up Again
Jean Illsley Clarke
Connie Dawson
As time-tested as it is timely, the expert advice in this book has helped thousands of readers improve on their parenting practices.

Heaven Help the Home
Howard G. Hendricks
Here’s a book chock-full of practical advice about your life at home with your family.

Helping Children Manage Stress
James H. Humphrey
A Guide for Adults.  The author has spent many years working with children, and helps give caregivers recognize the causes of stress and identify stressful environments.

Holding Time
Martha G. Welch, M.D.
The Breakthrough program for happy mothers and loving, self-confident children without tantrums, tugs-of-war, or sibling rivalry.

Hot Stuff to help Kids Chill Out
Jerry Wilde, Ph.D.
The Anger Management Book.

Hot Stuff to help Kids Chill Out
Jerry Wilde, Ph.D.
The anger and Stress Management Book.

How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies
Kate Cohen-Posey, M.S. LMHC  LMFT
Apply to painful but harmless name calling.  For more dangerous situation, other strategies may be needed.  This material is offered as general information only.

The Plug – In Drug
Marie Winn
Help Your Children Kick the Television Habit

How to Talk to Your Kids about Really Important Things
Charles E. Schaefer

Theresa Foy DiGeronimo
For Children four (4) to Twelve (12). Specific Questions and answers and useful things to say.

Humor, Play & Laughter
Joseph Michelli, Ph.D.
Stress-Proofing Life With Your Kids.

In The Beginning
Teaching your children about Sex   -  Ages 4 to 7

I’ve Got What It Takes!
Jim Fay
Feeling Accepted and being noticed in a positive way.

The Life Saver Kit
Jim Fay
Foster w. Cline, M.D.
Parenting/Self-help. 6 audiocassettes.

Little Things Long Remembered
Susan Newman, Ph.D.
Making your children feel special every day.

The Manipulative Child
Ernest W. Swihart Jr., M.D.
Partick D. Cotter, Ph.D.
How to Regain Control and Raise Resilient, Resourceful and Independent Kids.

Me, Myself and I
Kyle D. Pruett, M.D.
How Children Build Their Sense of Self.

Me, Myself and I
Kyle d. Pruett, M.D.
How Children Build Their Sense of Self.  18 to 36 Months of age.

Meeting the Challenge
Karol Media
Parenting Children with Disabilities VIDEO/PULL-OUT MANUAL

Night Light for Parents
Dr. James and Shirley Dobson
A devotional. Whether you’re just married or are celebrating your golden anniversary you need regular, quiet moments with your mate.

Nighttime Parenting
William Sears, M.D.
How to Get Your Baby and Child to sleep.

Oh Great! What Do I Do Now?
Charles Fay, Ph.D.
Parenting Remedies for When Kids cook Up the Unexpected. 1 Audiocassette

The Parent’s Book About Bulling
William Voors
This timely book offers parents, teachers, and other caregivers a clear idea of the serious, sometimes explosive impact of such behavior.

Parenting Doesn’t Have To Be Rocket Science
Foster E. Cline,  M.D.
Teaching Kids Good Choices. VIDEO

Parenting With Love And Logic
Foster W. Cline, M.D.
Jim Fay
Teaching Children Responsibility.

Parenting Under Stress
David Mathews, MA, LGSW
Linda Matter, MA
Mary Montgomery, MSW, ACSW, LICSW
This Book is designed to provide support and education to mothers and fathers who are experiencing special life stress that affect their parenting.

Pass-Along Papers
Barbara Kuczen, Ph.D.
Carly Kuczen, M.A.
52 Parent Handouts to Ready to Photocopy and Pass-Along!!!

Playful Parenting
Denise Chapman Weston, MSW
Mark S. Weston, MSW
Turning the Dilemma of Discipline into Fun and Games.

Right from Birth
ME-TV and The Early Childhood Institute
A Caregiver’s Guide and VIDEO 2000

Right From Birth
Craig T. Ramey, Ph.D.
Sharon L. Ramey, Ph.D.
Building Your Child’s Foundation For Life.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families
Stephen R. Covey
Strong families don’t just happen, but need the combined energy, talent, desire, vision, and dedication of all their members.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families
Stephen r. Covey
Dr. John M.R. Covey
Presented on Four Cassettes

Safe and Sound
Vanessa L. Ochs
Protecting Your Child in an Unpredictable World.

Self Awareness Tool Transracial Parenting Project
Jeanette Wiedemeier Bower, M.P.A.
Are You Ready to Parent a Child of Another Race, Culture or Ethnicity? Feb. 1998

The Self-Control Workbook
Berthold Berg, Ph.D.
Exercises to Control Inattention, Impulsivity and Hyperactivity.1990

Sibling Rivalry
Joseph Michellie, Ph.D.
Squabbles, battles, melees or fisticuffs—sibling rivalry come in many forms.  2 audiocassettes

Simple Secrets of Parenting Easy as ABC
John Q. Baucom

Six-Point Plan For Raising Happy, Healthy Children
John Rosemond
Rosemond offers an easy-to-follow plan that will start parents and children on the road to living lives of their own.

SOS! Help for Parents
Lynn Clark, Ph.D.
SOS teaches parents easy to learn methods for helping children to improve their behavior and adjustment.

The Social Skills Workbook
Berthold Berg, Ph.D.
Exercises to improve Social Skills.

Jim Fay
Charles Fay, Ph.D.
Love and Logic Magic When Kids Leave You Speechless.

“Stop Treating Me Like a Kid!”
Janet Gallant
Everyday Parenting:  the 10- to-13 Year-Old.

Successful Parenting Part Four: School Success Takes Teamwork: The Basics
Active Parenting Publishers
Facilitator’s Guide VIDEO/Take-home Booklet.

Successful Parenting Part Five: School success Takes Teamwork: Taming The Homework Monster
Active Parenting Publishers
Facilitator’s Guide VIDEO/Take-home Booklet.

Successful Parenting Part Seven: The Single Parent Family: The Challenge For Parents
Active Parenting Publishers
Facilitator’s Guide VIDEO/Take-home Booklet.

Superglue for the Family
Adrian Rogers
How to Transform A Fractured Family. 3 audiocassettes

Taking Charge of Your TV
Hosted by Rosie O’Donnell
Our Program’s four easy steps to help you and your family begin a dialogue that turns television viewing into a positive and educational experience. VIDEO

Teaching Parents of Young Children
Laura Wetzel
Parent Power Pages A Curriculum in 12 Sessions.

Positive Parenting From A to Z
Karen Renshaw Joslin
For each problem Ms. Joslin offers simple but useful solutions, plus an understanding of the child’s side of problems.

Seven from Heaven
Kenny McCaughey
Bobbi McCaughey
The miracle of the McCaughey Septuplets!
She’s Gonna Blow!     

Julie Ann Barnhill
Real Help for Moms Dealing With Anger.

Spoiled Rotten Audio Book
Fred G. Gosman
Read By Eric Conger

Take Good Care of Me
Kari Cimbalik
What kids think every grown-up needs to know about being a parent.

Taking Charge
Katharin A. Kelker
A Handbook for Parents Whose children Have Emotional Disorders.

Taking “NO” for an Answer and Other Skills Children Need
Laurie Simons, M.A.
Fifty (50) Games to Teach Family Skills.

Teaching Your Children Good Manners: a Go Parents! Guide
Lauri Berkenkamp
Steven C. Atkins
This book takes a humorous, hands-on approach to teaching children of all ages good manners in a wide variety of social situations, from answering the phone to eating out in restaurants.

Teaching Your Children Values
Linda Eyre
Richard Eyre
The values you teach your children are their best protection from the influences of peer pressure and the temptations of consumer culture.

Ten Talks About Drugs & Choices
Donimic Cappello
Xenia G. Becher, M.S.W., C.S.W.
Talks Parents Must Have With Their Children About Drugs and Choices.

Ten Talks Parents Must Have With Their Children About Sex and Character
Pepper Schwartz,  Ph.d.
Donimic Cappello
Ten Talks offers advice on exactly how to begin and what to say—not just about sex, but about safety, character, peer pressure, ethics, meeting people on the internet, and mixed messages from TV.

Every-Body's Doing It
Andrea Warren
Jay Wiedenkeller
How to Survive Your Teenagers Sex Life and Help Them Survive It, Too

Ten Talks Parents Must Have With Their Children About Violence
Dominic Cappello
Ten Talks covers everything regarding violence in school, on the Internet, in your neighborhood, and more.

Things Will Be Different For My Daughter
Mindy Bingham
Sandy Stryker
A Practical Guide to Building Her Self- Esteem and Self- Reliance

Time-In When Time-out doesn’t Work
Jean Illsley Clarke
This book is for every parent who has felt frustrated, helpless, angry, or scared when traditional parenting tools don’t work.

Tickets to Success
Jim Fay
Techniques to lead children to responsible decision-making.

Tired of Arguing with your Kids?
Dolores Curran
Wisdon from parents who have been there.

Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers
Jim Fay
Foster w. Cline, M.D.
Love and Logic Parenting for Early Childhood: 6 months to 5 Years.  2 audiocassettes.

Transform Your Life
Rev. Dr. Barbara King
From fear to faith…..From loneliness to love….From Self-doubt to self-discovery.

Transition Magician for Families
Ruth Chvojicek
Mary Henthorne
Nola Larson
Helping parents and children with everyday routines.

Transition Magician 2
Mary Henthorne
Nola Larson
Ruth Chvojicek
More strategies for guiding young children in early childhood programs.

Special Kids Need Special Parents
Judith Loseff Lavin
A Resource for Parents of Children With Special Needs.

Uncontrollable Kids
Foster w. Cline, M.D.
From Heartbreak to Hope.

Unmotivated Child
Natalie Rathvon, Ph.D.
Helping your underachiever become a successful student.

What Should I Tell the Kids?
Ava L. Siegler, Ph.D.
A Parents Guide to Real Problems in the Real World.

When Acting Out Isn’t Acting
Lynne w. Weisberg, M.D. , Ph.D.
Rosalie Greenberg, M.D.
Understanding Child and Adolescent Temper, Anger and Behavior Disorders.

When A Hug Won’t Fix the Hurt
Karen Dockrey
Practical ways to walk your child through crisis.

Winning The Homework Battle
Jim Fay
Foster W. Cline, M.D.
Helping children discover and celebrate their strengths. 1 audiocassette.

W.I.S.E. Up! Powerbook
Marilyn Schoettle
This book is about something that you can only understand if your were adopted.  Plus Parent Guidebook.

The Whole Parent
Debra Wesselmann
How to become a terrific parent even if you didn’t have one

The World’s Easiest Guide to Family Relationships
Gary Chapman
Randy Southern
Gaining effective marriage and parenting skills doesn’t require a Ph.D. in family counseling!

Your Anxious Child
John s. Dacey
Lisa B. Fiore