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Grief, Separation and Loss

What Children Need When They Grieve
Julia Wilcox Rathkey

A Childs’ View of Grief (video)
Rachel Hungerford

The Saying Goodbye Game
Sunburst Visual Media

Memory Garden: A Bereavement Card Games
Bright Spots

Alex The Life of a Child
Frank Deford
A father recalls his daughter’s courageous struggle with cystic fibrosis.

Coping with Death & Grief
Marge Eaton Heegaard
Much of the book consists of informal case studies about children who are faced with the consequences of death. With occurrences of change and loss as aspects of everyday life.

Guiding Your Child Through Grief
Mary Ann Emswiler, M.A., M.P.S.
James P. Emswiler, M.A., M.ED.
A highly praised program for grieving children, takes away the uncertainty and helpless feelings we commonly feel as we reach out to children who mourn.

Good Grief: A kids guide for dealing with Change and Loss
Kim Frank

The Grieving Child
Helen Fitzgerald
Death shatters the seemingly secure world of childhood; with this book, caring adults can make it whole again.

Let’s Talk About When Your Parent Is In Jail
Maureen K. Wittbold

The Magical Thoughts of Grieving Children
James A Fogarty
Treating Children w/Complicated Mourning and Advice for Parents

You Can Help Someone Who's Grieving
Commonsense Advice After The Death of a Loved One

Healing Activities for Children in Grief
Gay McWhorter M.Ed.
Helping Children Cope with Separation and Loss

All About Me
Lynn Burwash
Cie McMullin
A special book written for adoptive children by adoptive parents and children.