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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Drug Exposed Children

Adoption & Prenatal Alcohol and Drug Exposure
Edited by   Richard P. Barth
Madelyn Freundlich
David Brodzinsky
This book addresses the issues of prenatal substance exposure on children in the adoption process or who are available for adoption.

Alcohol Research & Health
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Alcohol-Related Birth Defects: An Update.

The Best I can Be (Living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Effects)
Liz Kulp
Liz brings hope to those living with FASE.  This book has given new understanding of kids who misbehave.

The Challenge of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Ann Streissguth
Jonathan Kanter
Experts describe how to help people with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. A summary of recent findings and recommendations is presented by the team who conducted the largest study ever done on people of all ages.

Children With Prenatal Alcohol and/or Other Drug Exposure: Weighing the Risks of Adoption
Susan B. Edelstein
Designed primarily for professionals, this book offers practical suggestions, recommendations, and food for thought for preparing, counseling, and working with those who are adopting an infant or child who has been prenatally exposed to alcohol and/or other drugs.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
New York State Office Of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services
Compendium of Resource Materials

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects
Minnesota Department of Health
Minnesota Children with Special Health Needs
The information in this book is meant to supplement the advice of a health provider or health professional.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Family Resource Institute
Washington State Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Information on Fetal alcohol Syndrome/Effects from:  a grassroots partnership of parents and professionals working together to identify, understand and care for individuals disabled by prenatal alcohol exposure and their families.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Kathleen Favenner Mitchell, MHS, LCADC
Practical Suggestions and Support for Families and Caregivers.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Screening Training Manual
Larry Burd, Ph.D.
A rapid screening tool designed for community wide use to determine children who are at low and high risk for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome & Other Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Florida Resource Guide
Florida State University Center for Prevention & Early Intervention Policy.

Hard To Place
Katherine Norgard
A Crime of Alcohol

Last Call
Crime Prevention Resources
The Sobering Truth About Drinking During Pregnancy.

Living With FASD
Sara Graefe
A Guide for Parents

Maternal Risk Assessment
Larry Burd, Ph.D.
For Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Alcohol Related Birth Defects and Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

Victoris McKinney
Linda La Fever
Jocie DeVries
The Essence of Intervention for Individuals with FAS.

Our FAScinating Journey
Jodee Kulp
The Best We Can Be Keys to Brain Potential Along the Path of Prenatal Brain Injury

Recognizing and Managing Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Fetal Alcohol Effects: A Guidebook
Brenda McCreight
For any parent or professional who needs to work with children with fetal alcohol syndrome/effects, this guide offers practical advice and solid information.

Recognizing and Managing Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Fetal Alcohol Effects: Guidebook
Brenda McCreight

Recovering Hope
DHHS  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Admin.
Recovering Hope is an intimate and evocative hour-long video about the mothers and families of children who are affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

Project SOS: Seeds of Success
Parent Advocacy Workbook
Creating Success one child at a time, one step at a time.