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Reference Materials

Walk a Mile in My Shoes (about Biological Parents for Foster Parents and Social Workers)
Judith Lee
Danielle Nisivoccia

Planned and Crisis Respite for Familes with Children
Susan Dougherty

Achieving Permanence for Every Child
Jeanette Wiedemeier Bower, M.P.A.
The Effective use of Adoption Subsidies.

Adolescents and Families for Life
Robert G. Lewis
Maureen Heffernan

Agency Services Directory 2000-2001
United Way of Northeast Mississippi

The Art of Helping VI
Robert Carkhuff

Adoption and Ethics
Madelyn Freundlich
Volume 1 The role of Race, Culture, and National Origin in Adoption.

Adoption and Ethics
Madelyn Freundlich
Volume 2 The Market Forces in Adoption.

Adoption and Ethics
Madelyn Freundlich
Volume 3  The Impact of Adoption on Member of the Triad.

Adoption and Ethics
Madelyn Freundlich
Volume 4 Adoption and Assisted Reproduction.

Adoption Subsidy
Tim O’Hanlon, Ph.D.
A Guide for Adoptive Parents

Adoptive Families are Famlies For Keeps
Groundwork Press (activity Book) 

The Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality
Howard M. Knoff

Becoming A Helper
Marianne Schneider Corey
Gerald Corey
The Coreys focus on the struggles, anxieties, and uncertainties involved in becoming an effective helper.

Be My Guest
Conrad Hilton
This is the story of a great personal adventure by a man who believed in himself, in his dreams, and in America as an unending frontier of opportunity.

Case Management in Human Service Practice
Marie Weil
James Karls & Associates

The Child Advocate’s Legal Guide
Debra Ratterman Baker, J.D.
Charlotte Vick, J.D.
Effective Collaborative Work to Speed Permanence for Children in Foster Care

Childhood and Society
Erik Erikson

Child Welfare
Child Welfare League of America
We Listen…We Connect….We Solve.
Jan./Feb. 2001   

Child Welfare
Child Welfare League of America
We Listen….We Connect….We Solve.
Jan./Feb. 2002

Child Welfare
Child Welfare League of America
We Listen….We Connect….We Solve.
May/June 2002

Child Welfare Volume LXXIX
May/June 2000

Child Welfare Volume LXXII
March/April 2003

Child Welfare
Child Welfare League of America
We Listen….We connect….We Solve.
Nov./Dec. 1998

Child Welfare
Child Welfare League of America
We Listen….We Connect….We Solve.
May/June 1990

Community Volunteer Directory
United Way Northeast Mississippi
Reaching those who need help.

The Community Board Program, Ind.
A Curriculum for Youth Providers.

Creating Life Books for Children and Youth (A Handbook for Foster and Adoptive Families)
Jacob Sprouse

Cults That Kill
Larry Kahaner
Probing the Underworld of Occult Crime.

Devil on the Run
Nicky Cruz
Witchcraft! The power is real.

DSM-IV Made Easy
James Morrison
The Clinician’s Guide to Diagnosis.

DSM-IV Made Easy
James Morrison

Treating Youth with DSM-IV Disorders
Michael Sterba
Tom Dowd

DSM-IV for Diagnosis of Childhood Disorders
Judith Papoport, M.D.
Deborah R. Ismond, M.D.
This book is fine-tuned to the revisions encompassed by DSM-IV criteria and offers sound, detailed guidance to the range of interpretations and application.

DSM-IV-TR in Action
Sophia F. Dziegielewski

A Framework for Foster Care Reform
Kate Welty, M.A.
Policy and Practice to Shorten Children’s Stays.

Family Assessment Form (A Practice-Based Approach to Assessing Family Functioning)
Children’s Bureau of Southern California

Family Assessment Form
Children’s Bureau of Southern California
A Practice-Based Approach to Assessing Family Functioning.

Field Guide to Child Welfare Vol. II (Case Planning and Family-Centered Casework)

Field Guide to Child Welfare Vol. III (Child Development and Child Welfare)
Judith Rycus
Ronald Hughes

Field Guide to Child Welfare Vol. IV (Placement and Permanence)

Field Guide to Child Welfare Vol. I (Foundations of Child Protective Services)

Games for Group Book 1
Chris Cavert & Friends
This expanded version of Games for Group will surely be a useful tool for any group facilitator.

Games for Group Book 2
Chris Cavert & Friends
This book will help guide anyone seeking to work with groups in a ful, educational and challenging way.

Garth Brooks
Paul Howey
This fascinating book explains how Garth Brooks’s talent turned the music word upside down.

Getting Yours
Matthew Lesko
The Complete Guide to Government Money.

“God Isn’t Done with Me Yet…”
Sr. Mary Rose McGready
Homeless children who slept on America’s streets last year, scared, cold, hungry, alone and most of all, desperate to find someone who cares.

A Guide to Mississippi Youth Court July 1988
D. Michael Featherstone
The purpose of this publication is to describe how the system operates.  The goal is not to defend the court, but rather to show how it functions in connection with related agencies.

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World
Joanna Weaver
An invitation for every woman who feels she isn’t godly enough, loving enough or good enough.

A Handbook for Today’s Disciples
D. Duane Cummins
A handbook for today’s disciples in the Christian Church.

Helping Others Through Teamwork
Howard Glenn Garner PhD

Help with Worried Kids
Cynthia Last

How to Locate Anyone Anywhere
Ted L. Gunderson
Roger McGovern
In this invaluable reference book has a remarkable step-by-step guide to locating missing persons for legal, business, or personal reasons.

The Helping Interview
Alfred Benjamin
Basically, there are two types of interview:  the one in which the interviewer seeks help from the interviewee and the one in which in the interviewer tries to help the interviewee.

How to be a Good Listener
Sunburst Communications, Inc.
Keeping peace at home.

An Introduction To Human Services
Marianne Woodside
Tricia McClam
You’ll find a wide range of up-to-date information, as well as brief case studies, primary source material, and suggested readings.

Intervention Techniques for Child/Youth Care Workers
Mark A Krueger PhD

The Impact
Arlene F. Lee
Philip M. Genty
Mimi Laver
Child Welfare League of America.
The Impact of the Adoption and Safe Families Act on Children of Incarcerated Parents.

Keeping Families Together
Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
The case for Family Preservation.

Love and Anger in Marriage
David Mace

Networking: A Handbook for Foster and Adoptive Families (Pamphlet)
Jacob Sprouse

Making Friends, Finding Love
Julie Tallard Johnson
This book is about all kinds of relationships—with friends, family, and boyfriends or girlfriends.

Managing the Defiant Child
Russell Barkley (Book and Video)

Mommie Dearest
Christina Crawford
Christina Crawford was a little girl sacrificed to a legend. She has earned the right to tell the truth behind that legend!

New Work Habits For a Radically Changing World
Pritchett & Associates, Inc.
13 Ground Rules for Job Success in the Information Age.

The Promotion of Wellness in Children and Adolescents
Dante Cicchetti
Julian Rappaport
Irwin Sandler
Roger Weissberg

On My Own at 107
Sarah L. Delany
Any Hill Hearth
Reflections on Life Without Bessie.

Parenting Skills Treatment Planner
Arthur E. Jongsma
Sarah Edison Knapp

Parenting Skills Homework Planner with CD
Sarah Edison Knapp

The Psychology of Winning
Denis Waitley
Six (6) Audio Cassettes

Reclaiming Youth At Risk
Larry K. Brendtro
Martin Brokenieg
Steve Van Brocken
Our Hope for the Future.

The Teen Relationship Workbook (Promote and Prevent Domestic Violence)
Kerry Moles

The Right to be The Grown-Up (Facilitators Guide): Helping Parents be Parents to Their Difficult Teens
Jerome Price
Judith Margerum

Psychopharmacology (Basics for Counselors)
Gregory Little

Child Welfare League of America
A Resource training Manual for Foster and Adoptive Parents.

Ready Set Fly!
Casey Family Programs
A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Life Skills.

Rebuilding Children’s Lives
Christena B. Baker, LCSW
Ray V. Burke, Ph.D.
Ron W. Herron
Mariam A. Mott, Ph.D.
A Blueprint for Treatment Foster Parents.

Renewing Our Commitment to Permanency for Children
Sarah B. Greenblatt
Pamela Day
Wingspread Conference Summary Report.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen R. Covey
Covey presents a holistic, integrated, principle-centered approach for solving person and professional problems.

The Social Skills Handbook (Practical Activities for Social Communication)
Sue Hutchings
Jayne Comins
July Offiler

Self Management Adolescents (A Skills Training Program)
Thomas Brigham

Successful Team Building
Thomas Quick

Smart Choices (Guide to Surviving at homes and in school, dating, sex, dealing with crisis, applying to College)
Nancy J. Kolodny
Robert Kolodny
Thomas Bratter

Team Work (Parents and Professionals Speak for Themselves)
Fred Orelove
Howard Garner

The Right to Be the Grown-Up: Helping Parents be Parents to their Difficult Teens
Jerome Price
Judith Margerum

Therapists Guide to Psychopharmacology
JoEllen Patterson
A.Ari Albala
Margarent E. McCahill
Todd M. Edwards

Therapists Notebooks for Children and Adolescents
Catherine Ford Sori
Lorna Hecker

Teaching Social Skills to Youth with CD
Tom Down
Jeff Tierney

Shortening Children’s Stays
The North American Council on Adoptable Children
Innovative Permanency Planning Programs

Social Work and Social Welfare
Joseph Heffernan
Guy Shuttlesworth
Rosalie Ambrosino
This book is about the many social welfare issues facing the United States today and the diverse roles that social work professionals play in responding to those issues.

Social Work and Social Welfare
Joseph Heffernan
Guy Shuttlesworth
Rosalie Ambrosino
Instructor’s Manual to Accompany Social Work and Social Welfare.

Social Work
Armando T. Morales
Bradford W. Sheafor
This book will help new social workers understand the necessity of both attending to clients’ personal problems and to resolving social issues that will prevent those problems from occurring in the first place.

Some Things Do Make a Difference for Youth: A Compendium of Evaluations of Youth Programs and Practices
American Youth Policy Forum Institute for Education Leadership

Understanding the Defiant Child
Russell Barkley
(book and video)

Understanding Children’s Drawings
Cathy A. Malchiodi

Using Visitation to Support Permanency
Lois E. Wright
This toolbox contains helpful aides. Or “tools,” that practitioners can use quickly and easily.  

What Works in Child Welfare
Miriam Kluger
Gina Alexander
Patrick Curtis

Wrongful Adoption Agency
Madelyn Freundlich
Lisa Peterson
Law, Policy, and Practice

Women’s Health
U.S. DHHS Office on Women’s Health.
This book is for all generations of women.  Inside, you will find information on many common health problems and concerns, as well as how to prevent or manage them.

Your Childs Growing Mind
Jane M. Healy 

Yelling  -- Threatening & Putting Down: What to do Instead

Zapped by Jesus
Jeanette Struchen
There is a stark freshness rather than irreverence in the idiom employed by these high school kids who enthusiastically share their new found joy in discovering the ultimate reality – Jesus Christ.